Naturalia Sintesi, experience and
innovation between past and future

Naturalia Sintesi was founded in 1976, born from the prominent pharmaceutical
company, Bergamon S.p.a., that helped launch it in the market, and given
Naturalia the solid scientific and innovative fundamentals from which it is known
today. At Naturalia Sintesi we believe that ‘innovation’ goes hand in hand with
For this reason, in 2019, the management of Naturalia Sintesi was passed
onto Niccolò Cusano University in Rome, a leading university in the field of
online and face-to-face learning, with significant involvement in the field
of scientific and medical research.
With over 40 years of experience, coupled up with our appetite for evolution we
have taken the company to national and international markets in cosmetology,
professional training and anti-age treatments
. The partnership with Niccolò
Cusano University shows Naturalia Sintesi’s passion for scientific research; a
passion that was able to bring to life an incredible synergy.


Our Mission is to achieve client satisfaction and retention, a result achievable
thanks to Naturalia Sintesi’s lengthy experience.
Our achievements are only possible thanks to the synergy between the
experience we have amassed and our high-quality products, created from
the scientific fusion of nature’s raw materials and active ingredients.

Your success, our responsibility.

Naturalia Sintesi, science and nature:
proven efficacy.

NATURALIA SINTESI has debunked the myth that says science and nature are
two opposites. Our ingredients are certified for purity and effectiveness; they are
exclusively combined in each product to guarantee exceptional results.
From the effective combination of natural products and scientific innovation, NATURALIA SINTESI
has developed unique results, treatments and protocols. Our discoveries have been certified from
the CIDESCO Association (Comite International d’Esthetique et de Cosmetologie) and the Institute
for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers
(ITPI Instituto per la Tutela dei Produttori Italiani –
100% Made in Italy).

While replicating natural ingredients (like collagen or hyaluronic acid) that aren’t
immediately available due to unethical and safety reasons, science becomes an
enhancer to nature with endless benefits, providing optimal results and absolute
NATURALIA SINTESI‘s brand name is based on the company’s vision. We have
pioneered the endocosmetology industry by employing its discoveries in the
salon and using innovative technologies. All of our techniques and products
comply with health and safety and G.M.P. regulations. Yet, what we are most
proud of is to be able to share and apply our deep knowledge of the skin’s
physiology and the Orthodermy’s principles.
The renowned quality of NATURALIA SINTESI’s products is the result of our
company’s unique history. It was founded over 40 years ago as part of the
pharmaceutical industry and immediately became a leader in the
biotechnology research field.
Over the years our team has upheld the pharmaceutical know-how and applied it
to the professional beauty industry. We’ve created special cosmetics and
treatments that combine science, senses and nature: these are NATURALIA
SINTESI’s foundational elements which also resound in the company’s name.
In 1993 our scientific director Dr Giancarlo Folchitto won the Golden Atom
for his years of scientific research and for working at the forefront of
topical preparations for cutaneous bio-revitalization based on beta-glucans.
Therefore, welcome to NATURALIA SINTESI’s world:
where tradition and innovation, science and nature, precision and creativity
Where the winning formula has always been people and the incredible harmony
that stems out when ambitious visions merge under the same fire of passion.

What does “biotechnology” mean? Are laboratory-made active ingredients safe enough for human use? Wouldn’t it be better to only use products of natural origin? Well, it’s easy to say that nobody today would be using Hyaluronic Acid extracted from rooster combs. Nevertheless, this was once its real source! Nowadays, the natural extraction of organic actives is discouraged due to ethical and safety-related reasons, as well as the efficacy and standards being maintained. Laboratory production is much safer and effective, thanks to controlled fermentations which ensure purity, stability, high-level concentration and maximum bio-availability of the actives. On the other hand, from the very beginning humankind has used biotechnology to make some of our most precious creations, such as bread and wine…
Dr Giancarlo Folchitto
Scientific Director of Naturalia Sintesi, awarded with the Atomo D'Oro 1993 for his scientific research.

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