Dyschromia and dark spots – Regenatur NG11


Correction of dark spots, anti-ageing, brightening and revitalising treatment.


This treatment acts on the atypical formation of melanin as well as on the skin ageing phenomena.
REGENATUR NG11 is a multifunctional treatment recommended for skin with uneven melanin distribution or cutaneous dyschromiae. It is suitable for thick and hyperkeratosis-prone skin (with due caution).
From the very first few applications it guarantees a smoothing effect to the skin, a lighter and more compact texture, a brighter and even complexion, whilst providing the all-important anti-ageing action.

We recommend at least 5 treatments, 1 per week.
Perform further treatments, if deemed necessary.
The cycle has to be repeated a few times throughout the year.

This treatment includes the following products:

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