Eye blemishes – Lift & light


A product designed to intensively and completely treat the eye area. Gradually reduces wrinkles and smoothes the skin, while performing an intense draining action of the under eye as well as a brightening effect against dark circles. The skin immediately appears lighter, tighter and brighter. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.


Multifunctional, firming and revitalising action, able to treat all peri-ocular skin blemishes in the same session. Results are immediately noticeable; thanks to the unique trans-dermal controlled release of active ingredients, LIFT & LIGHT stays active even hours after the end of the beauty session.
Initially, 2 sessions per week (in this case perform skin exfoliation – BINOPEEL – once every 2 sessions), then continue with weekly sessions.
On average, one cycle consists of 6 treatments to be repeated several times throughout the year if necessary.

This treatment includes the following products:

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