Second Life Firming Synergy

Tri-phase kit – 10 treatments code 6217

This professional treatment, specifically designed for ageing and loss of tone in the face and neck area, features a group of active ingredients that perform exceptional firming, plumping and restoring action. With precious precursors of collagen, in conjunction with 1,3-Beta-glucan, Mukul Resin extract and Hyaluron amines, trigger a complete regeneration from the deeper skin layers, with visible effects after the first few sessions: it tones the skin, tissues regain its structure and firmness, wrinkles gradually smooth out and the complexion brightens up. Recommended for professional treatments of mature skin showing signs of ageing.
Main ingredients: Ultra-filtered Marine Pancogene Collagen, 1,3-Beta-glucan + Commipheroline + Phyto Collagen from bio- technology.

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